About Islander Marine

Islander Marine Sales, based in Marblehead, Ohio has been selling BRIG Inflatable boats for more than 15 years. Founder, Jack Behrendsen and his partner and wife Jan, have been selling and servicing inflatable boats since 1987. The company boasts a full service repair shop in the capable hands of service manager, Jerry Matso. Islander Marine sells both new and pre-owned BRIG Inflatables.

The BRIG range of boats, sold in over 60 countries, includes the classic EAGLE Series, with its beautiful styling and luxury accents; the rugged,versitile NAVIGATOR Series, designed to go anywhere in a wide range of sea and weather conditions; and the FALCON Series, intended for the discerning boater who is looking for added value at an entry level price.

BRIG Inflatables are stable, lightweight and low maintainance. They offer a smooth, dry, fast ride.They’re virtually unsinkable due to the enormous buoyance in the tubes. BRIG Inflatables are not only affordable, but incredibly versatile. BRIG’s can accommodate everyone from divers,snorklers, anglers to picknickers, cruisers and watersport enthusiasts. They’re easy to beach, carry plenty of gear and provide a stable, comfortable platform for on-water recreation.

This year BRIG will be introducing several new models, including FALCON’s, NAVIGATORS and a category-busting 33 footer.
For information and to schedule a visit to Islander Marine, call Jack or Jery at (419) 732 0404 or send an email to islandermarine@yahoo.com