BRIG Eagle Series

Luxurious and stylish, BRIG Eagle Tenders are acknowledged as Australia’s leading rigid inflatables. They’re easy to launch, equipped to carry your passengers and gear in safety, and deliver awesome open water performance with a class-leading ride.

The Eagle Series offers a highly sophisticated line of watersport RIBs with extra deep V hulls and wider tubes for the most superior open sea stability and a phenomenal ride. Renowned as one of the driest boats on the market, the Eagle has become a favourite of the most discerning boating enthusiasts worldwide.

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  • EAGLE-340-06

    EAGLE 340

  • EAGLE-380-13

    EAGLE 380

  • EAGLE-480-03

    EAGLE 480

  • EAGLE-580-01

    EAGLE 580

  • EAGLE-650-11

    EAGLE 650

  • EAGLE-780-01

    EAGLE 780

  • EAGLE 10

    EAGLE 10